Orange Coast College Receives $1 Million Donation for Planetarium

Recently, Orange College received a $1 million donation for a new planetarium that is being built. The donation will be used to fund the construction of a valuable part of the new facility. Retired professor Mary McChesney donated the funds to help give the planetarium an innovative device known as a Foucault pendulum which demonstrates how the Earth rotates.

With this new feature, a number of students and community residents will be able to get a better perspective of how the Earth rotates. According to college officials, the pendulum will be the only one located in all of Orange County.

Once the planetarium is full constructed, it will serve as a main educational facility of scientific studies for both students and residents of the local community. While McChesney is elderly now, she still has a strong passion for education and enlightening others on a regular basis.

By the fall of 2018, the planetarium will be completely built and begin serving the community as an educational resource. It will serve as an educational establishment for a number of people such as students of elementary school and college students. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

It will also be available for tourists and local residents to learn more about the details of astronomy and the solar system. While learning about astronomy is done with books and field study, visiting a planetarium such as this will provide yet another place for individuals to enhance their knowledge of one of the most important branches of science.

Orange Cost College is a two year community junior college located in Orange County. It is based in the city of Costa Mesa and serves as an entry level educational institution for both high school graduates and adults. The college has a number of education programs that will benefit many individuals. Students can study a number of subjects such as science, business, technology, real estate and healthcare.

When attending this college, students can achieve two year degrees as well as certificates in a number of different fields. As well as offering numerous educational programs, Orange Coast College also provides online study which allows individuals to complete their education on a more convenient basis.

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