Frontera Fund of Lacey and Larkin


Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin was handcuffed and arrested on October 18, 2007 by deputies from Mariopa County. It was reported that the two village voice Media Executives had been forced to leave their Phoenix-area homes and then was shoved into what was said to be an unmarked SUV. Later they were put into separate jails that had been managed by Joe Arpaio.


Lacey and Larkin happened to be arrested for having penned a cover story in Phoenix New Times. When Lacey was asked why he had been arrested he had said that it was because of writing. Lacey and Larkin happened to get released from jail within less than 24 hours after there was a national outcry.


There was a court battle that was formed around the first Amendment rights and abuse power that was set off by the illegal detention of Lacey and Larkin. Unfortunately, the subpoenas served by the Grand Jury to Lacey and Larkin had been invalid. It was then announced that Lacey and Larkin had been falsely arrested.


The two was then able to recieve settlement money for the Frontera Fund. This fund was made to be able to help the Hispanic community from racism and also civil rights abuse in Arizona. Larkin had even gone on to say that he had grew up in Arizona. He went on to talk about how he was taught from an early age to help those less fortunate.


As the politicians on both sides of the 2014 midterm started campaigning they started imitating the anti-Hispanic political posture. After that Larkin and Lacey started distributing Frontera Fund dollars. These helped to benefit nonprofit groups that are worthy and that advocate the Hispanic civil rights and causes. Larkin went on to say that there was not a more deserving group than the Mexican Immigrants who bravely travel all the way to Arizona for work and also economic opportunities. In 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had stated that to be able to conceive more of a direct assault towards the First Amendment ordering the immediate arrests of their critics is a hard task. This is one case that is for sure to go down in history.


The courts were able to come to a $3.7 million settlement that ended up being paid by Maricopa County to Lacey and Larkin in 2013. Lacey had gone on to say that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had begun to come known for demonizing and detaining Mexican migrants along with anyone with brown skin, even American citizens. Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the 2014 election had helped to create fear showing that ISIS terrorists were crossing over the boarder. They went on to say how they think the people of Arizona are better than that.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Rebuild Post-Arpaio Arizona

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created two new organizations post-lawsuit with Maricopa County. When Joe Arpaio illegally arrested Lacey and Larkin, the former co-owners of Phoenix New Times, the two journalist retaliated with the $3.75 million lawsuit. Arpaio’s reason for the arrest was a personal vendetta he had with the duo over articles published in their paper.


Ultimately, Arpaio’s violation of the first amendment lead to Lacey and Larkin creating a charity to help enforce the first amendment. The Frontera Fund not only works to protect the first amendment rights of the residents of Arizona but they also work with organizations such as ACLU of Arizona that contribute to a wide range of different social and civil issues. By using The Frontera Fund, the journalistic duo are improving the lives of countless residents in Arizona.


Lacey and Larkin have such distaste for the immoral behavior of Joe Arpaio, they also created a newspaper whose sole purpose is to educate readers on the actions of corrupt politicians like Arpaio.


After experiencing the wrath of Joe Arpaio, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are working overtime to correct the damage caused by the former Maricopa County Sheriff.


Lacey and Larkin have been in the newspaper business since they were in college together. If anyone can manage to stop the path of destruction of Joe Arpaio, it is Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.


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