EOS Blueberry Acai

EOS, the lip balm in a tub is revolutionary. I love applying it throughout the day. It’s so smooth and its tasty. I’ve enjoyed the blueberry acai, the strawberry sorbet, the sweet mint and the summer fruit. They’re all soft flavors that have a subtle but obvious taste.

Because I have a genuine love of berries, I always select berry flavored foods and anything else with a berry flavor. Blueberry acai caught my eye first, because I had eaten and enjoyed some acai frozen fruit bars and I found them to be very good. Naturally, I wanted to have that same enjoyment using my lip balm. The taste is subtle, but distinctive. I know it’s not reasonable, but I opened all four flavors and I use each one of them throughout the week.

I keep the blueberry acai and the strawberry sorbet in my purse and the remaining two flavors, sweet mint and summer fruit, I sit on my desk. When I’m at my desk, I will occasionally feel my lips need moisturizing and I’ll reach for the sweet mint first. That’s a flavor that’s near and dear to me. I love the smell of spearmint, peppermint, any kind of mint and EOS lip balm has a nice scent. Throughout my youth, I chewed spearmint gum; now as an adult I crave the minty taste regularly. Sweet mint has a gentle taste, but it leaves your lips soft with a mild minty scent. Very kissable.

Summer fruit is somewhat unidentifiable, but pleasant to the taste. It smells nice, even though I have no idea what flavors make up the taste. Despite my ignorance, I do like it and I use it frequently. Click on frenchtribune.com for additional article.

That’s the beauty of all the EOS flavors. They’re all soft flavors with a delicate scent. They moisten the lips without interfering with the tastes when you consume foods or liquids. EOS designed a winning lip balm. The flavors and the enjoyable scent just make applying lip balm the best form of personal grooming there is.  Useful link on douglas.de.

Additional reading here. https://www.walmart.ca/fr/ip/eos-lotion-pour-les-mains-concombre-44-ml/6000188189755.

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