Rona Borre is in The Driver’s Seat For Continued Growth


Rona Borre was named “Enterprising Woman of the Year”

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based staffing and recruiting agency that has taken the country by storm. She is a woman business owner who has won numerous awards for her achievements and the results of her business acumen. Foe example Rona Borre was named “Enterprising Woman of the Year” by Enterprising Women Magazine.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, Borre went to work for a large global staffing and recruiting company where she paid her dues and worked up the ladder until she led the company in sales, eclipsing the total records of all previous account executives.

In 2001, Borre decided to go into business for herself and started a company called Instant Alliance, specializing in working with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, and smaller firms. She started operations from her spare bedroom with her pet dog for company.  Go and check on

Today, Instant Alliance is a multi-million dollar company placing new hires all over the country and growing as fast as any new company in America. Rona’s secret is her devotion to forming a relationship between Instant Alliance and the client. It is vital that this relationship is real so that time can be spent in drilling down to what the client wants regarding an employee.

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The primary emphasis is on technological and finance employees because these are the categories which are needed when a company is attempting to get off of dead center and out into the growth stages where profits begin to become greater and more reliable. Once all of the needs are discovered, then Instant access gets to works, and the results pour in.

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Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Prominent Brazilian Attorney

Are you on the lookout for a reliable and reputable lawyer in Brazil? If you are in need an experienced attorney, check out Bruno Fagali, a respected  Brazilian Attorney.

Lawyers can help both individuals and companies on many different issues, and ensure that their legal matter is addressed appropriately. Whether you’re involved in a dispute and need representation in court, or you simply need expert advice to help you make an informed decision on an important matter, it is extremely important to enlist the services of a knowledgeable lawyer.

You need to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the law of the area in which your legal matter is being handled. It is also important to make sure that your lawyer has the quality resources that are essential for handling the issue effectively.

Bruno Fagali is a dedicated legal advisor and cares about the individuals and businesses that he represents. Bruno Fagali handles all matters related to Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law and Urban Law.

Professionalism is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Bruno Fagali is a professional in his chosen field. Bruno Fagali’s professionalism shows in how he conducts himself when dealing with clients and in court proceedings.



Jeffry Schneider’s Ironman Success

Jeffry Schneider is a CEO who has worked hard in the corporate world. Apart from being a dedicated corporate leader, he has a special interest in staying fit. He is a leader who knows it is necessary to maintain good health for maximum output at the business scene.
He has been a dedicated professional who has been able to climb ranks in the corporate world since 1992. One of the things that sets him apart from most CEOs is his determination to stay fit. From time to time he has been heard encouraging his team members to work out and eat the right foods. He has also finished several triathlons, including:
New York City Marathon 2005
In a triathlon, your endurance is tested to the maximum. You will have to develop skills such as running a marathon, swimming and riding a bike. Very few people can master the three exercises. Jeffry has participated in several triathlons. In the New York City Marathon of 2005, his overall race time was 04:27:24.
Ironman New Zealand 2009
He did not give up after finishing his first triathlon race. In 2005, Jeffry Schneider participated in the Ironman New Zealand competition. Some of the records he achieved include a swim time of 100:07:01 and bike time of 200:05:56. For the run time, he took 05:37:39.
Vineman 1/2 Ironman 2006 – Sonoma County, CA
It is also another triathlon where he participated and achieved great success. He is a living example a busy man who can get involved in workouts. He took swim time of 00:37:28.1, bike time of 03:05:27.6 and run 01:51:25.2 to finish within 05:44:22.8.

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Stem Cell Treatments For Improved Lung Function

All of the upper respiratory and lung conditions that affect how a person breathes and functions each day can be very taxing on the person affected as well as their loved ones. The ability to fight infection can be diminished and as time goes on, these issues can permanently damage the lungs and prevent them from functioning properly. Conditions like cystic fibrosis, emphysema, pulmonary fibroids, COPD ( ) and chronic bronchitis can irreversibly decrease the quality of the lungs. The Lung Institute and other medical facilities across the country are now using a number of procedures to improve quality of life and one of these procedures is a lung stem cell treatment.

A person’s very own stem cells are extracted from the body during a stem cell treatment. Removed from the blood or bone marrow in the body, the stem cells are then returned to the blood and it travels immediately through the heart and is trapped in the lungs. Once inside the pulmonary region, the stem cells can then do their job and help heal any damaged tissue. In a report by the Baylor College of Medicine, many patients have seen great results from a lung stem cell treatment and The Lung Institute is constantly evolving and developing this procedure to help more and more patients. Since its inception this procedure has drastically changed lives and continues to do so and various facilities.

There are certain patients that are better candidates for this procedure and the staff at The Lung Institute is very good at screening patients and determining who would benefit the most. All it takes is a few heart beats for the lungs to reap the benefits of a stem cell treatment and many patients report improved respiratory health in a very short period of time. The procedure is not permanent as it does not cure the originating problem. However, this procedure can buy a person a good amount of time and can be done repeatedly if necessary and if it works. This procedure truly utilizes the magic of the human body and uses a person’s very own cells to improve their health.

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David Giertz Advises People Wait Until They Are in Their Middle Sixties to Get Social Security

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, a position he has held for the past four years. He has been involved with industry securities registration for about 30 years.

Mr. David Giertz is highly educated. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Millikin University. He obtained his MBA at the University of Florida.

Mr. David Giertz believes that the pensions that our parents and grandparents had are drying up and we will not be able to survive on retirement pensions. It is important that we create a retirement income plan that includes Social Security Benefits. In 2015, there was a study done with 900 people age 50 and over. These participants fell into three categories on Facebook: Future retirees, recent retirees, and current retirees. Eighty-six percent of the future retirees did not know factors that went into identifying social Security benefits on Bloomberg. People live under the misconception that because they can file for Social Security at the age of 62 that they should file. Full retirement age for getting Social Security is between the ages of 65 and 67. If a person uses their Social Security too early, they can lose up to $300,000 per year over a course of 25 years, which comes to $12,000 a year or $1,00 a month.

David Giertz says that the reason many employers are not talking to their workers about Social Security is because the handbook has 2700 rules to follow, making it very complex. All those rules make it hard to memorize and take in. Many people considering retiring say that they would change advisors if the advisor had not brought up the topic of Social Security on


Betsy DeVos Opposes Overturning of Bathroom Bill

Betsy DeVos is primarily known from her (and her husband Dick’s) extensive philanthropy work which has largely been dedicated to state empowered education, such as the Partnership for Education Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools as well as the University of Maryland College.

However, Betsy DeVos has come into the spotlight of late more recently for a entirely different reason after she was appointed to the position of Secretary of Education for the United States of America by the Trump/Pence administration. This new surge of interest is connected to the so-called, “Bathroom Ban,” a moniker shorthand for the allocation of transgendered individuals and bathroom use (involving questions like whether or not a transgender, female to male, should be able to use the men’s restroom and vice-versa). While Ms. DeVos has signed on to the move by the Trump administration there have been a couple of sources both outside and inside the white house that have stated that, from the beginning, Ms. DeVos was actually strongly apposed to the bathroom legislation.

According to a source first acquired by CNN, a former associate of Ms. DeVos stated that when she was called to the white house to speak with Sen. Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump, she expressed her concern about the bathroom legislation by telling Mr. Trump that both she and him had promised to advocate for the rights of, and ensure the protections of, all students in the United States and that she felt this was backtracking somewhat on this promise. Yet, in the end she did end up supporting the new administration in a effort to foster cohesion within the newly congealing presidential administration. Even still, Ms. DeVos has made her concerns very clear and very public and has vowed to continue advocating for the rights and protections of all children so that they to may be afforded the, “Freedom to learn and thrive.”

Some reports surfaced regarding Senator Sessions and Ms. DeVos’ opinions of each other, given their drastically distant stance on the transgender issue with some allegations of hot-headedness and animosity between the two cabinet members. However, in a recent public press release, the White House Press Sec, Mr. Sean Spicer, vehemently denied that there was any animosity between Ms. DeVos and Mr. Sessions.

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White Shark Media And Its Contribution To Nurturing Businesses

Developing a business takes a lot of effort and resources and this is one area White Shark Media has performed excellently. The company is reputed as a digital marketing agency, but the services offered extend beyond marketing and are meant to allow businesses to take a new overall shape that can portray them as committed players in the market. With competition in the online space growing each day, there is also need to engage intelligent marketing measures, which are backed by practical and powerful tools. White Shark Media offers the needed support to allow businesses to explore their capabilities and handle challenges.


Content development and optimization

One of the things many businesses lack is the ability to come up with unique and highly optimized content for search marketing. This is one of the roles White Shark Media pursues effectively as they have a team of experts, who come up with high quality and unique content. This service, coupled with the various marketing tools availed by the company, helps to push a business up the ranks to appear among the most successful players in the industry. White Shark Media understands all the parameters of marketing that must be fulfilled to achieve an overall good performance.


Responsive design and development

There are those clients who approach White Shark Media but the sites they have are not developed according to modern standards and to allow responsiveness. Ignoring such sites would make any marketing effort futile and so, White Shark Media takes up the role of designing the sites again to include mobile responsiveness and compatibility with different types of devices. The company also designs new platforms for their clients, fully furnished with the latest technology and features that enable easy access of information and products.


Call and ROI conversion tracking

AdWords campaigns offer businesses a perfect chance to observe their progress and performance. Through call and ROI conversion tracking, White Shark Media offers support to businesses to allow them to manage their AdWords campaigns more easily. Their experts chip in with vital insight into the progress of the business that lets the client understand what measures they should take to drive the business to the next level. Many small businesses rely on contact forms and phone calls for leads but don’t have the right tracking tools to show the kind of marketing that inspired these conversions and this is why White Shark Media intervenes to support them.

Personal Choice Is High On The Agenda Of George Soros

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has spent much of his life looking to aid others through his work as a political donor, philanthropist and financial expert. A well known liberal and counterculture figure since the 1960s, Soros developed much of his open society ideals during the 1950s and 1960s when he was a student in London and later a resident of Greenwich Village, New York where the counterculture was being born in the late 1950s; George Soros set out to follow the ideas of philosopher Karl Popper who was a teacher at the London School of economics when Soros was studying there. The open society ideals of Popper include the advancement of liberal ideologies that have formed the basis of the work of George Soros for the majority of his life and led to him becoming a major donor to the Democratic Party of the U.S. Some articles about George Soros can be read on Forbes.

The open society ideas of Karl Popper include a large amount of personal choice being made available to individuals across the world, which includes the chance to live the life one feels is right for oneself. George Soros has developed a range of funding options from his own personal fortune of over $25 billion that include a woman’s right to choose; among the groups supporting abortion and family planning options for women are Planned Parenthood where Soros has become a major donor to advance the cause for millions of women across the world. Alongside the determination to allow women to have the chance to make decisions about their own bodies, George Soros has also looked to assist the cause for individuals who are backing euthanasia for the terminally ill. Soros has made his support of this cause clear as a right to choose for the individual as he has developed links to the Project on Death USA through the Open Society Foundations. You can view on about this group.

Encouraging each and every person in the world to live a full and open life is something George Soros has always looked to encourage, particularly for women who often struggle to develop a career that allows them the chance to attempt to work in environments where women receive a fair level of payment when compared to men. The National Partnership for women and families is a group backed by George Soros on who look to change the fact women are paid around $0.77 for every $1 received by a man working in a similar position. Making sure the people of the world have the right to choose how they live their life free from discrimination in all its forms is a major part of the philanthropic and political work of George Soros who was a major donor to the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

An Outline of JeanMarie Guenot’s Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Career


JeanMarie Guenot is a pharmaceutical executive with over two decades of experience. Her expertise lies in project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development, and business development. Guenot specializes in rebuilding and building companies that record a slight decrease in their productivity.


Amphivena Therapeutics


As the current CEO and president of Amphivena Therapeutics, JeanMarie Guenot helps in developing antibody therapies targeting hematologic malignancies. Amphivena Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that has diverse flagship therapies for treating disorders such as malignancies. The institution was pleased to have Guenot join their leadership team.


Career Background


Before Guenot joined Amphivena Therapeutics, she created SKS Ocular, an ophthalmic incubator. SKS Ocular focuses on developing dry AMD and drug technologies to treat ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Hoffmann-La Roche also appointed her as their business advisor. Guenot was also the VP of corporate and business development for PDL BioPharma. As the VP, she was in charge of alliance management of PDL’s product portfolios. She also handled licensing procedures as well as mergers and acquisitions.


One of the flagship products of PDL’s R&D was the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50. Guenot advocated for the development and commercialization of this product. She also oversaw the clinical test that took three phases and involved autoimmune disease drug patients. Guenot was also present during the $800 M transaction that involved an equity investment split between Hoffmann-La Roche and Biogen Idec/PDL.

Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Guenot began her venture capital career as an investment manager for Atlas Venture. This position allowed her to manage and build life science companies and manage venture capital investments. Her professional scientific career began when she was hired as a principal scientist of Hoffmann-La Roche’s preclinical R&D. As the chief scientist, she developed and researched on drugs for treating oncology, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic diseases.




Guenot is versed in physical and medicinal chemistry. She attended the University of California for her Ph.D. As a Ph.D. student, she researched on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods for drug design, protein structure prediction, and molecular dynamics. Guenot also attended University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School for her MBA.

All you need to know about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric aged 47, is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. The company deals with the impact technology in helping the health sector. The entrepreneurial as well as a philanthropic man based in the United States. His career has seen him invent many companies that have succeeded a lot in the United States, among the organization he has to his name is an advertising company, Media Max, Echo Global Logistics and Inner workings. The companies have since seen a large growth and increase in the number of offices across the state. He is currently a co-founder of Uptake Company.


Eric Lefkosfsky went for his higher education at the University of Michigan where he graduated with a degree in law. His long time experience in the entrepreneurship industry has seen him have the best qualities of outsourcing, leadership, entrepreneurship and human resource. It has rounded him to make an impact in the big organization.


He concentrates on helping the people through the various organizations. Among the beneficiaries are the human rights where Lefkofsky Family Foundation has donated funds to Human rights watch and the Anti-defamation League. The two firms have seen more than $100,000 grants.


The organization has further supported the art and culture industry where Eric Lefkosfsky has donated a lot of funds to various museums like the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary. He further gave $100,000 to the organization assigned the planning of Chicago’s Olympic in 2006.The firm has also helped Aspen Art Museum located outside Chicago.  Check on


Moreover, they have helped the education sector where both the learners and the tutors. The company gives donations to the organization with that aim of improving the lives of the teachers through their charitable unit Money think. The beneficiaries in the industry are the new leaders and Educators for Excellence. Also, they grant sponsorship to the younger children and the disabled. He has also helped the health and technology fields.

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Eric was part of the persons that helped the Fond Five Technologies explain how disruptive businesses are made to flourish. He believes the technology offers a better chance for all the companies to have their idea taken by the clients and hence develop the business. The more the company is technologically advanced, the higher the chance of its survival.

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