Doe Deere and Her Famous Company

Doe Deere is an inspirational figure due to the fact that she is a prominent businesswoman who has been able to fit herself within the competitive industry of makeup by creating a new company that has changed the way that both men as well as women put on makeup everyday. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a company that specializes in creating products that consist of bold and bright colors. The goal of Doe Deere has been to change the way that individuals think of makeup and to encourage individuals to think of makeup as an art and not as a chore that must be completed every morning. Doe Deere is known for her presence on social media sites such as Instagram, where Doe Deere continues to post pictures of her models that all sport that beautiful and bright faces that accentuate their beautiful features thanks to the products that Doe Deere has created.


Doe Deere wants to promote a positive attitude through makeup and wants to make sure that makeup is worn to feel confident rather than only worn in order to coverup the blemishes or the imperfections of the face. Doe Deere wants to stop this way of thinking and wants to make sure that everyone knows that their face is unique and should be treated as a canvas. Ever since 2008 when Lime Crime was started, individuals who has tried and who have loved her product feel more confident and feel more positive than ever before.


Doe Deere has made sure that her company is not only promoted, but is also a company that truly takes the comments of her customers into consideration. Doe Deere has only made products with her customers in mind and has listened to not only the positive reviews of her products, but has also listened to the negative reviews of her products. By doing this, Doe Deere has not only remained humble, but has also made sure that her products that are released on the market are of the best quality that will make every one of her clients a happy customer.


Doe Deere has attributed her success to the fact that she has created a career and a business that she absolutely loves. Doe Deere has commented on several occasions that she often feels as though she is not at work due to the fact that she is having too much fun doing what she loves. Doe Deere’s creative mind have been an inspiration to other individuals within the company and have encouraged them to continue to grow Doe Deere’s legacy within the world of makeup in the future when she chooses to move on or chooses to expand.

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