Bring Summer Back with EOS “Summer Fruit” Lip Balm

With summer barely over, the fall crisp air is moving in and you are already missing the refreshing taste of fruit. EOS lip balm will keep your lips soft and smooth, avoiding that cold weather cracking that we all despise. Their “Summer Fruit” lip balm flavors roll on like pure silk, giving you a taste of summer back. Berry lovers will enjoy the “Summer Fruit” Collection that include flavors such as:

Speaking of berries, EOS lip balm will not disappoint with their Berry Blossom hand lotion, body lotion, and Pomegranate Raspberry shave cream. Each product provides 24-hours of moisture with the vitamins and minerals your skin loves. These will surely leave you smelling delicious enough to eat.

“Evolution of Smooth” or EOS is a company that cares about your skin with different products such as shave cream, hand lotion, and their petroleum-free lip balm. No matter the skin type, EOS hypoallergenic formula will work for you. EOS lip balm is 95% Organic and 100% Natural, made with ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil. Every product has been dermatologist tested ensuring safe and chemical free ingredients. The products are sold on Well, Target and Walmart.

Go to to get yours today! View the complete product gallery on the EOS Facebook page.


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