Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks on Podcast

Entrepreneur Josh Verne recently sat down to talk about his business ventures on a recent podcast interview. During the interview, Josh briefly discussed his most recent business known as FlockU. One of the main things that Josh Verne talked about in this recent podcast interview was the characteristics that a person needs to have in order to be successful. Verne believes that if you possess these particular characteristics, you will put yourself in position to reach your goals in business and also in your personal life. He believes that you will need to have great leadership skills where you focus on receiving feedback from others while setting goals for everyone rather than just yourself. Verne also stated that you will need to seek balance in your everyday life such as having good health, a satisfying home life and also success in your occupation.


During the interview, Josh Verne emphasized the characteristics that one must have to reach their goals. As stated earlier, one of the keys to attaining success is to be a good leader. It will be necessary to focus on the strengths of everyone involved in an organization and allow them to work together with you to reach goals. Verne also said that you should never use your status as a boss in order to get what you want at the expense of others. Another thing that Josh stressed is that you will need to become a good listener so that your feedback is more effective. As well as having characteristics in business such as good leadership skills, you will also need to have balance in your life. It will be important to focus on making sure that all of the aspects of your life are fulfilling.


Josh Verne is currently the co founder of a company called FlockU. This company was intended to provide content marketing and e-commerce to college students. With FlockU, Josh has been able to provide college students with better access to content about college life. They are now able to more efficiently gather information about events and retail promotions around campus. As a result, many college students are now in better position to get more access to activities and consumer products thanks to Verne’s company.


When Josh first started his career, he worked at his family’s furniture distribution business. During this time, he would oversee and manage the inventory at the company warehouse. After a few years, Verne would then occupy higher level positions and have more responsibility in running the company. He would eventually move on to becoming a sales executive at various retail companies where he amassed millions of dollars in sales. As a result, he was able to establish himself as an expert in marketing. This inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship where he founded a company called Workpays. The company was quite successful and Josh looked to get involved in the business he is in now.

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