Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks on Podcast

Entrepreneur Josh Verne recently sat down to talk about his business ventures on a recent podcast interview. During the interview, Josh briefly discussed his most recent business known as FlockU. One of the main things that Josh Verne talked about in this recent podcast interview was the characteristics that a person needs to have in order to be successful. Verne believes that if you possess these particular characteristics, you will put yourself in position to reach your goals in business and also in your personal life. He believes that you will need to have great leadership skills where you focus on receiving feedback from others while setting goals for everyone rather than just yourself. Verne also stated that you will need to seek balance in your everyday life such as having good health, a satisfying home life and also success in your occupation.


During the interview, Josh Verne emphasized the characteristics that one must have to reach their goals. As stated earlier, one of the keys to attaining success is to be a good leader. It will be necessary to focus on the strengths of everyone involved in an organization and allow them to work together with you to reach goals. Verne also said that you should never use your status as a boss in order to get what you want at the expense of others. Another thing that Josh stressed is that you will need to become a good listener so that your feedback is more effective. As well as having characteristics in business such as good leadership skills, you will also need to have balance in your life. It will be important to focus on making sure that all of the aspects of your life are fulfilling.


Josh Verne is currently the co founder of a company called FlockU. This company was intended to provide content marketing and e-commerce to college students. With FlockU, Josh has been able to provide college students with better access to content about college life. They are now able to more efficiently gather information about events and retail promotions around campus. As a result, many college students are now in better position to get more access to activities and consumer products thanks to Verne’s company.


When Josh first started his career, he worked at his family’s furniture distribution business. During this time, he would oversee and manage the inventory at the company warehouse. After a few years, Verne would then occupy higher level positions and have more responsibility in running the company. He would eventually move on to becoming a sales executive at various retail companies where he amassed millions of dollars in sales. As a result, he was able to establish himself as an expert in marketing. This inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship where he founded a company called Workpays. The company was quite successful and Josh looked to get involved in the business he is in now.

EOS Takes Off

EOS lip balm has been an utter success outshining and outselling other similar products in the lip care market. EOS is selling with the same popularity level as some top of the line cult items in makeup and cosmetics. The Facebook bloggers and web video beauty gurus who promoted this product were doing so in every review. Even big name celebrities like Kim Kardashian could be seen toting this product and applying it in front of the photographers. How did such a small, $3 product achieve such a revered status?

It takes only a glimpse inside how the founders got the ball rolling to understand it’s exponential growth and popularity in just seven short years. The brand started small but with founders who had experience in running small startup companies. Another member of the group had come from big brand packaging, no surprise here in the genius packaging design EOS has come to be so famous for.

The three men asked women what they really wanted out of a lip care product, they listened, and they delivered. The success they saw ultimately had to do with designing a product that catered to what women actually wanted. They gave them a balm product that was easy to apply in an all natural formulation with brilliant modern looking packaging. The brightly colored spheres were easy to find, hold, apply, and close. They tasted good, smelled wonderful, and the all natural formula was gentle enough to apply every hour.

Early on, the company invested in automated machinery rather than promoting with beauty bloggers right away. This way, they were able to keep up with demand, churn out new product, and supply other stores like Walmart and Target. Keeping their product in house kept costs down to invest in marketing initiatives after their product took off. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

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How Comparative Law Has Contributed To Constitutional Development Across Governments

Different government institutions are guided by distinct sets of rules. To have order in how people interact across jurisdictions, there is need to have some laws written to direct the extent and fashion through which people connect with each other. Many governments have come up with research institutes that help in constitutional development and the advancement of existing laws to serve the government and its people better. Understanding the usefulness of laws before applying them prevents possible conflicts or failures that could require heavy spending to restore order.

Comparative law is an area that has seen massive changes and development over the years because of the great purpose the practice has been serving. In the 18th century, comparative law was born after scholars from Europe sought to understand the differences in law and government institutions that make others more effective.

This process inspired them to travel across Europe analyzing different laws and picking those that proved effective to improve different structures. This practice continued to gain in popularity and today many governments apply comparative law while developing rules to control their functions.

In the modern setting, comparative law has been serving the needs of people from different parts of the work by ensuring only those parts that are useful are adopted for integration in government rules. Having institutions that research and analyze existing laws has helped to improve the laws applied by government institutions. Comparative law has especially been effective while dealing with constitutional development.

During the process of drafting a new constitution, different governments appoint professionals from other regions who bring in new ideas and concepts that they carried along. These new ideas help to improve the process of drafting the constitution by making it diverse and highly inclusive of all communities and societies.

Sujit Choudhry

As a professor of comparative law, Sujit Choudhry has been working on helping governments and organizations to draft laws and procedures that are aligned towards offering better ways of handling problems. He boasts of experience working on constitutional development and offering advice to help cure communities from violent conflicts.

Additionally, Sujit Choudhry has written extensively, covering more on constitutional law and his published 90 articles expound on governance and the importance of comparative laws in the constitutional development process. Some of his edited books include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, published in 2006, and Constitution Making, which is being prepared for release early 2017.

Don Ressler’s Passion for Fashion

Fabletics has become one of the most notable names in fashion. It combines fabulous fashion designs with the functionality of activewear. The company started out just producing exercise outfits but quickly realized its greater potential. Fabletics is now providing highly fashionable outfits that still maintain the activewear purposes. Don has been a big part of why Fabletics is so successful. A few years ago, no one in the fashion had ever heard the name, Don Ressler. He was not always a fashion innovator. In fact, he did not know much about the fashion industry when Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty is one of Don’s first companies; aside FitnessHeaven.com and SENSA. FitnessHeaven.com and SENSA are both e-commerce platforms that focus on providing health-based products.

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What Don brings to the table is his keen ability to identify market trends. He has become an expert and spotting new opportunities and turning them into industry-leading brands. Fabletics is just a small part of a much larger company that Don founded. Don Ressler has always had a passion for combining his personal interests with business; thereby, making business more enjoyable. Both Don and his wife are passionate about fitness and health. They were both athletes who enjoyed wearing the latest activewear fashion. The problem that they noticed with activewear fashion is that it is often not the most fashionable attire. So when Don Ressler saw an opportunity to open another fashion-based business, he came up with the idea of creating a line of athletic wear that was stylish and affordable. Eventually, Don and his partner met with Kate Hudson about the idea, and she loved it.

Another industry-leading company owned by Don Ressler is TechStyle. TechStyle is probably the most profit-based success of Don’s career. Lots of other companies took notice of TechStyle’s success, leading to a $40 million funding of the company in 2013. Don wasted no time in using that money to seek out more growth opportunities. He hoped to expand the company’s markets, open new enterprises, and purchase other businesses that had massive profit-based potential. In 2014, TechStyle received an additional $85 million of funding. Before the year was out, other investors had added funding, bringing the fund total to $250 million in one year. With all that funding, it is no surprise that TechStyle announced it had made $500 million in profits.

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The Role of Eric Lefkofsky in Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur; he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. The talented entrepreneur has worked with Tempus to come with an operating system that aids in battling cancer. The company does research helping doctors to offer personalized support to cancer patients.

Eric began the business to create innovative ways which can help doctors to treat the disease. The company’s work is analyzing the data that helps physicians to treat patients using the information obtained from analyzing other patients. Tempus has been of great help to doctors because they do not have to waste a lot of time researching to get solutions. The company developed software physicians can utilize and get the information they need.

Now, doctors can now work efficiently thanks to the software which makes them interact with their patients and avoid wasting much time of comparing data. Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in other works. He wrote an entrepreneurial book in which he claims that technology can help overcome challenges in any industry. Eric cites that for a business to achieve a competitive advantage over others in the future, they have to consider improving their technology. Innovation is a must for any institution if it’s to be successful; they have to consider developing their technology.

Eric is also a philanthropist and is involved in several organizations where he is a trustee. Some of the institutions are Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Steppenwolf Theatre. He has also started a foundation called Lefkofsky Family Foundation which has many businesses and schools under it.

Eric Lefkofsky is a blessing to those around him, and even to the rest of the world because he has touched many hearts so far through his bold actions. He makes use of his skills in entrepreneurship to make the world a better place for everyone. He is an example of a dedicated man who is happy to see others benefit.

The company he founded is always working hard to help people survive and continue living. Among the things they do is testing the blood of the patient. They later draw a conclusion by studying the genotypes which can make a person have cancer during their lifetime. The information obtained is fed into their software and sent to the doctors who are treating the cancer patients. The doctors can then make use of the information they get.

Sujit Choudhry Is An Expert In Comparative Law

Comparative law focuses on studying the similarities and differences between the laws of various countries. The study concentrates on the different legal systems such as civil law, common law, Canon law, socialist law, Jewish law, Hindu law, and Islamic law. The study of foreign legal systems, without undertaking explicit comparison, also exists under this branch of law. Comparative law is of particular importance in the modern age where democratization, internationalization, and economic globalization are of great significance to the society.

Scholars have practiced comparative law methodologies for many years. However, the modern comparative law originated in Europe in the 18th century. One of the earliest scholars of modern comparative law is Montesquieu. In the third chapter of his book, De l’Espirit des Lois, he laid down an approach that has been used by modern scholars in the field. The book was published in 1748.

In Britain, Sir Henry James Sumner Maine, a jurist and Oxford’s first comparative law professor, pioneered the study of modern comparative law. He focused on how laws from other countries could be adopted by comparing the similarities in the institutions and political laws of the two nations. His work, Ancient Law, expressed the scholar’s view on primitive laws and comparative discussions of legal traditions in the East and West.

The increasing globalization and the adoption of foreign laws necessitated the establishment of a comparative subject at the University of Oxford in 1869. Maine was appointed to take up the position. He became the first comparative law professor in history.

The growing importance of comparative law, as necessitated by globalization, has led to the growth of sub-branches of the same. They include comparative civil law, comparative administrative law, comparative commercial law, and constitutional comparative law. Comparative law serves various purposes in the society. It helps to perfect the legal systems, help people gain a better understanding of legal systems, and assist in the unification of legal systems.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional law expert. His expertise in the field has seen him participate in the constitution-building processes in various countries, including Nepal, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, and Nepal. Professor Choudhry has also given public lectures in over two dozen countries.

Currently, the professor is an I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. Previously, he worked for the New York University as a Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law. Choudhry is also the founder and the faculty director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This institution aids in enhancing the constitution making process. It also enables professionals to embark on analyzing thematic research projects to come up with sound policy decisions.

Property Reports Simplified; Online Ordering Availed By NTC

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. recently made it possible for individuals to access property reports online. The response was in line with the recent calls for action regarding title defects. The issue of title defects has become a worrying problem in the real estate industry in the last few years. The Industry players feel that it is the cause of wrongful foreclosures and stagnation within the secondary market. The availability of property records facilitates clear conveyance of titles and also minimizes the risks associated with buyback and impossible foreclosures.


According to John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, the issue of title defects should be addressed way before a property is transferred or sold. These efforts are aimed at helping the evolving mortgage industry to ensure a smooth transition of assets at all times.


Factors that may render a title invalid are not limited to instances when a person or entity claims to own a property belonging to someone else. Other causes include:


Non-compliance with the real estate standards of the area as far as wording is concerned

The absence of a signature of a party that must be appended

Failure to remove former liens and encumbrances

Violation of the filing or recording procedures when recording relevant documents.


The reports that are available through online ordering include:


Tax status reports and Tax Status Plus Report

Assignment verification report services and

Current owner report (owner and encumbrance report)


According to the NTC officials, their process generates accurate results. The system recognizes the financial impact of a report if client orders too many fields and extra documents that may not be useful to the end user. They attribute their success to having a thorough knowledge of the needs of the end user and ability to customize a property report without excluding correct data sets.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is an award winning providers of expert research and document services in the residential mortgage industry. It has been in the industry for 25 years and counting. It offers its services to the majority of the largest mortgage providers, servicing agents, and investors across the country. Its documents are available in more than 3600 county jurisdictions. It is founded on the mission to deliver the highest standards of accuracy in research services and document processing. The primary objective is to ensure the protection of homeowners; the mortgage banking industry operates efficiently, and most importantly, to help preserve the land records of the nation.

Learn more:



Bruce Levenson: The Career Of An NBA Owner And News Publication Founder

Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment want to take AIG, their former insurance company to court over failure to pay compensation relating to losses in the sale of the team. Levenson owned the majority of shares of the Atlanta Hawks for about 12 years, but decided to sell them in 2015 (read on Forbes.com) to Tony Ressler and Co. The sale of the team went through, but Levenson and AHBE also decided to buyout the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry. AHBE claims that they were entitled to file a claim with AIG under the circumstance, but AIG is not giving out any payments for that claim according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Levenson and AHBE are determined to resolve this issue and have filed a lawsuit against AIG for bad faith and for court costs.

Bruce Levenson got into the journalism profession after graduating Washington University, and started out at the Washington Star while attending law school. In 1977, he and his friend, Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own journalism company, and began it with the Oil Express newsletter. Soon, it grew into a major media outlet with publications covering a wide range of industries from energy, technology and even mortgage banking. This company became Unified Communications Group (UCG), and later on became the founders of TechTarget and GasBuddy.

In addition to founding UCG (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx), Bruce Levenson also became active in several philanthropies. He’s helped raise scholarship funds for inner city children through events such as Hoop Dreams, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. He’s also helped educate them at the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he helped launch the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program for them to learn about the event, and later become tour guides at the museum. Levenson also helped the Anti-Defamation League host the Concert Against Hate event to fight against bigotry and intolerance.


The Ins and Outs of the SEC Whistleblower Law

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) realizes there is an invisible wall it must break through in order to uncover crimes occurring in the financial world. The invisible wall may be better referred to as the “code of silence” among those working in the financial industry. People do not talk about what happened outside of the realm of their job — even when what may be occurring is illegal.


The invisible wall is backed up by the physical walls used to create the many tall and impressive buildings in the financial industry. SEC investigators cannot exactly walk into an office and start looking about — at least not without a warrant.


The 2008 Dodd-Frank Bill was born out of the outrageous collapse of the housing market. On a seemingly nice fall day, people turned on their television sets to discover the stock market was collapsing. This was the result of a meltdown in the housing market.


Why did the market hit such a massive and surprising downturn? The trading of derivatives connected to “toxic loans” was being conducted by members of Wall Street. No, not everyone in the lending and financial world was in on the risky endeavor. Not everyone had to be. Enough people were involved with the situation to create a very scary situation, one that should have been avoided. The drafting of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill was intended to do just that.


In the text of the massive legislation was written laws related to whistleblowing. Two very important aspects of laws related to whistleblowing were created. One dealt with serving protections to those who come forward and the other focused on rewards. Both of these absolutely do give people who may know something about illegal activities a reason to come forward. Reward money definitely helps motivate people for sure. Understanding that repercussions may be prevented under the law does further assist those worried about coming forward to put their hearts and minds at ease.


Is the “average person” skilled enough to navigate all the complexities of the Dodd-Frank law? Likely, working with a SEC whistleblower lawyer would be a far better plan. This way, the process moves along much smoother and to a preferred end. An attorney is more than able of making sure all reward funds are processed as promised. Only a professional with the necessary experience is capable of performing as a solid representative in all legal proceedings.