Lime Crime, A Different Type of Makeup Line

Lime Crime is not your typical makeup company. Doe Deere, a Russian national who grew up in New York, started the company in 2008. She was selling colorful clothes online and could not find any makeup colors to complement them so she created her own.

Her first line was called Unicorn Lips. She picked the name Unicorn because it symbolized someone who was different and proud of it. She also uses that name to describe fans of the company.

You probably will not see these makeup colors in the boardroom, but you will find them at the local club or even on campus. Their colors are sure to turn heads, so they are not for the faint of heart. Even their packaging is eye popping. There are no beiges and the only black you will find is for the lips. If you are looking for something different and want to have fun with your makeup, this is a company for you.

They definitely cater to the young and have a very strong presence on social media. All lime crime products are vegan and cruelty free, a definite selling point for younger consumers.

The company sells lipstick, eye shadow and liner. This time of year, Lime Crime even has a special section just for Halloween, but many of their regular colors would work with a variety of costumes.

The products are affordable, most are priced $20 and under on Amazon. The only products more expensive are the collections, which have several colors. For example, the eye shadow collections are $42.

If you feel you need some inspiration, check out They offer advice on how to wear the line. For example if your hair a pastel color a section recommends makeup to go with your color.

In conclusion, if you like color and are looking for a way to stand out, then check out the Lime Crime makeup line.  Also, be sure to visit their Tumblr page for some great pictures of what models, and real Lime Crime fans have come up with.

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