Bustle Editor Gives Chaz By Wen Products A 7-Day Try

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Chaz by WEN hair care products. The highly popular “miracle in a jar” promises to deliver bouncy, shiny and completely manageable hair in short order. Well, a lot of products make such claims and never deliver. Could Wen be different? There’s only one way to find out.


Fashion and beauty editor of Bustle.com Emily McClure decided to give the Wen products a whirl to see if they could really deliver. Emily, who is dealing with hair issues of her own decided to tried it out for 7-days.


Emily used the fig version to see if it could help with her dull, oily and shedding hair.


The directions call for 16-24 pumps of product. That’s a lot of product. Emily followed those directions and completely washed her from root to tip. After drying her hair, she say she immediately noticed changes. Her hair had a great deal more volume, shine and far less oil.


Emily still wasn’t completely convinced after just one day, so she continued on or the next six days.


She followed the routine daily, with the exception of one day when she had to break it. The in-between day when she wasn’t able to use Wen, she found that her hair quickly reverted back to its dull, oily and lifeless form. However, once she got back to the regular routine, Wen did what it promised.


Emily’s’ verdict: Wen worked well for her. The only drawback is you have to do it daily or your hair will quickly go to pot. She would definitely recommend it to other.


Chaz Wen, creator of Sephora endorsed Wen products, is the hairstylist to the stars. He has a who’s who list of celebrity clients. After several years as a stylist and consultant, he decided to create his own line tailored to the needs of the everyday woman. The products can be used on all hair types and each one is formulated to tackle certain hair issues. For more info, watch the Wen YouTube infomercial.

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