ClassDojo Providing An App To Establish A School Communication Platform

The parent and teacher conference is a part of the educational system. The use of teacher and parent conferences to discuss the progress of children in schools has been a huge benefit to the success of many children in school. Along with other traditional aspects of school, the parent and teacher conference will always have a place in the educational system.


Over the past few decades, many schools have looked for ways to continue the communication between parents and teachers but to find other ways to continue the communication other than the traditional face-to-face conferences that have been held for many decades. One of the ways that many schools have addressed this is by using the ClassDojo app.


The ClassDojo app is technology that essentially provides a communication platform for schools to use regarding communication between teachers, parents, and students. Over 80,000 schools are currently utilizing the app designed by Class Dojo. The app has a variety of features and functions that give schools an opportunity to establish communication on a platform that caters to the needs of schools.


The ClassDojo app is helping many schools, and ClassDojo is planning to expand the use of the app along with adding new features and functions to the app because of recent funding that was received totaling 21 million dollars. The funding will allow ClassDojo to enhance the communication platform that makes up the foundation of the ClassDojo app.


There are a variety of reasons why the ClassDojo app has become popular in schools. One of the reasons has been the ability to establish regular communication between teachers and parents. With the app, teachers and parents can communicate on a daily basis or whatever timeframe they desire.


Instead of waiting for specific dates and times to meet face to face, teachers and parents can communicate through the use of the ClassDojo app whenever desired. The communication is technology driven so the need for face-to-face physical meetings is eliminated. The traditional teacher and parent student conference can still be done but the ClassDojo app provides other options for communication between teachers and parents.


 These additional options can only improve the communication between teachers and parents. Technology allows people to communicate in ways that were not possible in prior decades. Technology such as smartphones and cell phones have forever changed the way people communicate. In the same fashion, communication platforms such as the ClassDojo app will change the way teachers and parents communicate regarding students.

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