Wengie’s Fun Morning Routine

Wengie is a famous beauty blogger on Youtube. She would like to clear up a misunderstanding that some of her fans have about her. Quite a few think that Wengie is Korean. Wengie would like her fans to know that she is not Korean. She just loves their beauty products and likes to share her views about them on her Youtube channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie. Wengie is Australia’s top Asian beauty channel. Wengie is the name of the young woman that is serving up all those wonderful Youtube videos on beauty, fitness, fashion, skincare, and more. In this Youtube video, Wengie shows her fans her unique morning routine.


Wengie’s Morning Routine

Wengie received a lot of requests for this video about a cool back to school morning routine. Certainly, many of Wengie’s fans are thinking about returning to school this fall. They would like a quick routine that would start their day off right. In this video, Wengie shares her thoughts on expectations versus reality. Reality check, please. Actually, this is a very inventive video. Wengie is seen in a split screen. One side shows the got it together Wengie, while the other is probably more like the average morning. This video shows us that Wengie is just like us. This video is definitely a thumbs up. Check it out for yourself.


About Wengie

If you enjoyed this video on Wengie’s morning routine, you will certainly like all the great videos on her channel. The best part is that Wengie uploads new videos each and every week on different subjects. Her tutorials are easy to follow and fun to watch. All her videos are high quality and well produced. Wengie would like you to join her channel and become part of her family too. Simply subscribe to her channel and you are on your way to enjoying one of the top beauty channels on Youtube.

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