A New Lovaganza Anouncement Increases The Suspense For This Event

Lovaganza was originally going to launch in 2015, but according to a new PRNewswire.com press release, that has since been pushed back to 2020. The reason has to do with technological increases that have facilitated a change in thought among the producers of Lovaganza. Specifically: technology has increased substantially since the concept’s initial inception.

Lovaganza.com is the website fans can go to for up-to-date information on this groundbreaking entertainment event. There is listed the website’s copyright, which is 2012. No website spontaneously appears when the idea for an event like Lovaganza manifests in someone’s mind. Rather, the website comes about after plans have been finalized and facilitative wheels have been set in motion on Celebmafia.com. Until a biographical documentary is released which defines the scope of Lovaganza, the public likely won’t have any concrete way of knowing just how long this project has been in development. But from the Lovaganza website, it’s likely that initialization happened sometime before 2010. If that’s the case, when 2020’s main event rolls around, it will mark an undertaking more than a decade in the making.

The scope of Lovaganza in many ways excuses this, however. Consider that Lovaganza will be deployed simultaneously at eight locations strategically located in populous areas across the globe. Locations will be in America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and The Middle East. When the event begins, it will continue for four months. Stratified across eight locations, that’s 32 months of total operations simultaneously performed.

Lovaganza’s entertainment will include live presentations, expositions, and performances. It will also include interactive exhibits and displays. The centerpiece of Lovaganza is a new 3D technology that requires no cumbersome, headache-inducing glasses. Called IMMERSCOPE, the technology uses a one hundred and eighty degree screen to bring viewers a three dimensional experience unlike anything else.

There are nine films which have been planned for Lovaganza. The first three of these films are already well underway. Principal photography is taking place, and they are to be released on a yearly basis starting in 2017. The Lovaganza convoy will take IMMERSCOPE on the road throughout the world in that year, and show the films as it travels. This is designed to drum up support and fascination with Lovaganza’s breathtaking new technological developments.

The main themes of Lovaganza are a sort of cultural celebration of dance, music, and diversity; all presented through a lens of Bohemian revelry. The theme resonates with many, and Lovaganza is set to impress in 2020.

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