The Career Of Dick DeVos Continues To Impress

For the majority of business people the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor when they enter retirement is something they look forward to, but Dick DeVos has shown in recent times he has been looking to extend his business empire with a series of personal investments. I have been aware of Dick DeVos and The Windquest Group he founded and remains President of even after he left his role as the President of The AmWay Group.

I have followed the impressive trajectory of The Windquest Group for a number of years and recently looked again at the range of investments Dick DeVos and wife Betsy have recently been making. The first instance that drew me to The Windquest group was the investment backed by Dick DeVos into environmentally responsible technology and power generation; since those first investments I have been impressed by the level of local investing Dick and Betsy DeVos have undertaken, including those made in boxes of water to replace plastic bottles.

Looking back at the career of Dick DeVos gave me an insight into the DeVos family and the impressive nature of the career path they embark upon. I was initially shocked to discover Dick DeVos had attended Michigan’s public school system and had been given initial roles at The AmWay Group in 1974 that were designed to prepare him for the future and his leadership role at the company. Even the initial executive role Dick undertook was overseeing the international sales division of the company that accounted for only five percent of total sales; DeVos grew this to around half of the total sales of the company during his six years heading international sales.

Following his successful stint as the head of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise for the DeVos family before he took over as President of The AmWay group in 1993, which I believe shows the faith of the family in his leadership skills. By the time Dick DeVos retired from his role with The AmWay group he had led the company to annual sales of more than $5 billion, and gave him a personal fortune placing him on the list of the top 100 richest people in the U.S.

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