Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Politican, Fiancier and Advocate

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a prominent and influential politician and financier in Venezuela. He is the successful proprietor of the enterprises AmericTraders,Bridco, Thomas Pipe and SGL Technic,as well as other affiliates in the domain of agriculture.
He officiated over the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber of Commerce which is comparable to a monopoly dominating the spheres of finance, agriculture,economics finance,construction,energy,manufacturing,media,cultivation,insurance,transportation and tourism in the Venezuelan industry. Essentially controlling the entire country.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is presently a representative from Goarico National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela for which he was an appointee for the seat of Governor. During the nomination phase it was predicted that he was the evident one to win the election,however he obtained 53% of the 1171 votes.
As a politician he possess the endorsements and acknowledgments from over twenty political organizations which encompass Democratic Action,A New Era,Christian Party, Project Venezuela,Justice First,Popular Will,Red Flag Party,Radical Cause,Movement for Socialism,Progressive Advance,Democratic Republican Union.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an active committed member who consistently engages in the committee of the National Assembly which he is immensely proud of, one within the monitoring range of his constituents and the country of Venezuela in its entirety. He was designated as Chairman of Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce as a result of his business aspects expertise and entrepreneurial skills.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an advocate who relentlessly and persistently is fighting for much needed reform in his country. According to him Venezuelan politics have a bleak outlook on the horizon due to the indisputable fact that his continuous advice regarding atrocious management in the current implementations in agriculture are navigating towards devastating food shortages,were totally and adamantly disregarded by the government in the National Assembly and Federation of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas.
This is the inherent reason why Venezuela has no choice but to import food from other nations. The concept being that if farmers are not able to survive from cultivating their crops and can not under any circumstances make a worthwhile profit because their own government pays them very little,then the alternative route is to sell their commodities to other nearby countries such as Columbia,where they they obtain a sensible market value.

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