Don Ressler is a CEO that Understands the World of Fashion and Health

Don Ressler is a busy man. Don Ressler works as the CEO of Fabletics and as a co-CEO of JustFab Inc. Ressler has many years of experience as a company leader. He has been in this career since the 90s. His first business endeavor was This was his very first company that he eventually sold in 2001.

After  Ressler sold this organization he moved on to co-found Alena Media. He eventually had to move on from Alena Media after its parent company was brought out. Russler then went on to form Intelligent Beauty. Ressler used the company Intelligent Beauty to create 2 other companies which are known as Dermstore and Sensa.

In 2010 Don Ressler opened a third company called JustFab. Kimora Lee Simmons (Def Jam CEOs Russel Simmons, former wife) became the president of the organization and led it for a few years. Over that time the company had well over 3 million customers and their business was booming. By 2013 the organization launched Fabletics which is another successful venture under the guidance of Russler.

Don Ressler is a successful businessman who knows and understands the business of beauty and good health. He has the ability to capitalize on growing clothing and health trends. He can practically exploit these trends to produce a profit. Also, Ressler has been involved in athletics since he was a younger man in school. His passion for staying fit is another factor that helps him in his role of company leader.

Since 2013, Ressler has been expanding heavily into an already oversaturated fashion market. As with most fields, this is one hard market to completely dominate. Russler was fortunate that his Fabletics brand has been very well received in the states and abroad. When Kate Hudson joined the company as a spokesperson and designer it helped to elevate the status of the company significantly.

Fabletics is now a leading online fashion site that caters to moms and their children. The company primarily makes clothing for grown women. They also have gear available for children as well. People who shop on this site will find some of the most updated and amazing styles of fashion today. Fabletics is a company that is doing well because of Ressler’s commitment and effort to make the organization successful.

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