Being Sick in Venezuela

Venezuela has a crisis on its hands. For many, a diagnosis of cancer means one has to go to the black market to find the drugs to treat the disease. You must find the drugs yourself on the black market, or you will perish. While drugs and weapons are hardly scarce, many other things are in this South American country; for many, the diagnosis of cancer is a death sentence.

I only know one person from Venezuela, David Osio. One has to find connections on the black market, and many times these sources for cancer fighting drugs grossly inflate prices. The situation is quite dire for anyone with a health crisis, including those with mental illness. In many cases, one must go without. Many doctors say that they must find these drugs in veterinary clinics in order to save their patients.

Corruption is universal here, with Chavez’ political heirs running the show. His brand of socialism almost completely destroyed private enterprise and left the country wiped out. Inflation is highest in the world in Venezuela. All in all, the situation is ominous; we can only hope it is, indeed, darkest before the dawn.




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