CCMP Capital – Private Equity Investment Firm

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions and has been successfully doing so since 1984. The company has been in business for many years, and has been a branch off of another company or has merged with several others to become a successful investment firm with many trusted business transactions. The company concentrates on four different areas that they are experts at. Those areas are consumer and retail services, industrial services, healthcare facilities and their services and chemicals and energy services. It’s powerful model along with their expert management team has named them as one the world class investment partners on the market.

The company became an independent firm in 2006 under the name of Stephen Murray. He co-founded the company in 2006 and became the CEO in 2007. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sadly passed away according to The Wall Street Journal in March of 2015, but he brought many years of experience to the investment power structure. He started his career out as an analyst in a training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He attended Boston College and earned his degree in economics and then went on to get his Master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School. HE served on the board of many prominent companies and loved to spend his time as a philanthropist on the side. He was an active member on the board of Aramak, Generac Power Systems, Pinnacle Foods and many more. He took part in the Make a Wish Foundation and was an active member in the Boston food bank. He was very active in the community and enjoyed his time he endured through all of his business ventures. He oversaw Stephen Murray CCMP Capital into the investment firm that it is today as it has been branched off and merged with some of the major investment firms throughout the world. He will always be thought of as CCMP continues with its success as he was the man behind the foundation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and their staff have worked extremely hard to get where they are at today, and the business is running at a high rate of success with multiple standards being met or being exceeded. With the firms heritage and background, it has the necessary roots to continue to be a trusted company. The expert management teams and staff on board are helpful in knowing the market, and each designated sector has expert employees who oversee that part of the business. They will continue to provide exceptional services to the world, as they are a global company that conducts business in every country. With many offices currently running at a high rate of efficiency, each client can ensure that their satisfaction will be met and exceeded.

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