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John Kasich was handed a large contribution and, it seems that it is not going over well with some people. Scott Bessent and Stanley Drucknmiller, who are both George Soros fund managers contributed roughly $488,375 to him. Soros is no stranger when it comes to spending his own money on many organizations. Groups like MoveOn.Org, ACORN and some Parliamentary Democrats had benefited tremendously. The Political Action Committee for Hilary Clinton also received a princely sum of eight million dollars.
With all the bantering between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about the border, he is totally against their solution. George Soros thinks that we all must acknowledge that we have an open society. Kasich who seems like the level headed one for the Republicans, seems like he have hit the high note with Soros and his people. But the question remains, is this a bad thing? All eyes are on Ohio now where Kasich is expected to win that state in the primaries. For more on this article visit:

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, his given names was Schwartz Gyorgy. He also has an American Citizenship and holds a Bachelor of Science form the London School of Economics in 1951. Forbes billionaire George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management, Open Society and the Founder of Quantum Fund. He is said to be worth roughly $24.9 billions US, making him the thirty richest individual in the world. It been said that he actually broke the bank of England, by devaluing the pound. This action made him a profit of $1 billion.

George Soros is know as a philanthropist. In 1970 he gave a group of black students monies to attend the University of Cape Town, during the days of apartheid in South Africa. He also funded protester in Soviet Union. Soros is a very generous giver. In September 2006 he donated a pricey sum of $5 million to the Millennium Project.This money was allocated for education, agriculture and for medical purposes, for the villages in Africa which were being affected by poverty. Bloomberg Business made a statement that this was different because he is known for giving donations to politicians. He counteracted by saying that poverty stems from bad government.

A prestigious University such as, the New School for Social Research, Oxford University, Yale University and this is just to name a few, had given him honorary doctoral degrees. Soros was also a mediator when Hungary went from communism to democracy. He also supported Proposition 19, this is a bill that made marijuana legal in California and he is also big advocate of the Open Society Foundations. In 2003 he wrote The Bubble of American Supremacy, here he wrote against President Bush organization. Soros has done so much and is still doing a lot for people and organization. One can definitely say that he is one in a billion.

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