Securus Technologies: Connecting What Matters and Helping Communities through United Way

The employees at Securus Technologies are dedicated to helping people connect with their incarcerated loved ones. They believe that family and friends should be able to communicate freely with their loved ones. In this way they believe that they are helping to strengthen communities. Their concern for their impoverished neighbors shows in their continued and increasing support of the United Way.

Securus serves over 2,200 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada with phone, video and email services. Committed to safe and secure inmate communication, Securus also provides emergency communication technology for correctional facility personnel and emergency responders. Their commitment towards creating a safer environment for everyone shows in their up-to-date and innovative technology and their responsiveness to clients’ needs.

Helping communities thrive through safe and effective communications is one of Securus Technologies’ goals. Employees at Securus have raised over $350,000 in the last year to help support United Way in their efforts in helping communities thrive through a variety of social and economic programs. Due to their efforts, the United Way in Dallas has been able to support their local programs and services.

Securus Technologies provides inmate phone calls, video visitation and email services to over 850,000 inmates in 45 states. They provide full spectrum solutions that monitor criminals from the time they enter into the criminal system to the time they leave the system. Their customer integrity pledge states that they will be open and honest in all their dealings and provide the best customer service available in their Dallas, TX call center.

The United Way campaign is widely discussed with Securus employees and there are plenty of incentives to contribute. Employees are encouraged to get involved both monetarily and with volunteer hours supporting the many programs that alleviate poverty and improve healthcare in their community.

Learn more about Securus’ business, technology and commitment to give back by clicking on the following link:


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