The World Of Alexei Beltyukov is run by Alexei Beltyukov who was born in Russia, graduated from the INSEAD school of business according to LinkedIN, he holds a master in business administration. He also has other vested interest, which includes: A-Ventures(a company that invest in companies that are failing, with monetary assistant), Endemic Capital(this company invest in mobile applications,restaurants, and turbine power), Mechanicus(and New Gas Technologies. He also sits on the board of FORO Energy (involves in natural gas, geothermal,and mining industry).

Beltyukov began working at a medical career, but he did a complete about face and establish his own company. He is the Chief Operator of, which began operating it’s website on April 2015. The website is an on line homework mathematics helper, for children attending high school. It designed for teachers and students to communicate, by helping them to understand their work. It oversee what progress a student is making, and will help guide the instructor by providing the answer in different ways to get them there.

He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist as shown on his website, who also know the value of a good educational background. So that why at he has employed the best educators, who have helped the students achieve maximum success. He designed the website so that there are no multiple choice questions. It was done this way because he wanted the student to improve their typing skills, and also be more in tuned on what they are working on at the moment, while allowing them to work harder on their mistakes.

He has funded many Russian businesses, and has help individuals wanting to attend school by establishing an Alumni Scholarship fund. At the Skolkovo Foundation he is the Vice President, this company gives grants to Russian up and coming technology company and individuals trying to start a business by providing financial guidance.

His goal is for educators to understand and help students make progress in mathematics education. The difference between SOLVY and other online courses, is that SOLVY gets involve with the student by giving clues and also commenting. This helps the teachers to keep abreast of the students progress, and those who requires extra attention, will get it. It also allows the teacher to know if the student is understanding what is being taught in class.  Follow where Alexei is going next on Twitter.

  1. Reyna Bruno left a comment on June 7, 2017 at 9:18 am

    This way the teacher can concentrate on the students weak point, and help them accordingly. Beltyukov wants to be in every student home. This may be so important for to get everything they have ever wanted which may be so serious for them too.

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