Securus Technologies: Connecting What Matters and Helping Communities through United Way

The employees at Securus Technologies are dedicated to helping people connect with their incarcerated loved ones. They believe that family and friends should be able to communicate freely with their loved ones. In this way they believe that they are helping to strengthen communities. Their concern for their impoverished neighbors shows in their continued and increasing support of the United Way.

Securus serves over 2,200 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada with phone, video and email services. Committed to safe and secure inmate communication, Securus also provides emergency communication technology for correctional facility personnel and emergency responders. Their commitment towards creating a safer environment for everyone shows in their up-to-date and innovative technology and their responsiveness to clients’ needs.

Helping communities thrive through safe and effective communications is one of Securus Technologies’ goals. Employees at Securus have raised over $350,000 in the last year to help support United Way in their efforts in helping communities thrive through a variety of social and economic programs. Due to their efforts, the United Way in Dallas has been able to support their local programs and services.

Securus Technologies provides inmate phone calls, video visitation and email services to over 850,000 inmates in 45 states. They provide full spectrum solutions that monitor criminals from the time they enter into the criminal system to the time they leave the system. Their customer integrity pledge states that they will be open and honest in all their dealings and provide the best customer service available in their Dallas, TX call center.

The United Way campaign is widely discussed with Securus employees and there are plenty of incentives to contribute. Employees are encouraged to get involved both monetarily and with volunteer hours supporting the many programs that alleviate poverty and improve healthcare in their community.

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Zika Virus Likely Affected Marila Lima’s Baby, and She Believes Brazil Does Not Care

Arthur, Marila Lima’s baby, is one of the many babies born with a condition known as microcephaly. It is a birth defect that has been found to have a link with the Zika virus, which was discovered in Brazil. Although the relationship has not been quite proven, International and Brazilian doctors think there’s a connection between both.
Lima was infected with the mosquito-born virus as she carried her baby in the womb. That time, there wasn’t much information about the virus, and her doctors assured her that there was nothing to worry. When she went for prenatal check up, the problem became more evident with the fetus. After giving birth, her son was noted to have very small head. Severe brain damage is proven to affect all aspects of the development of a child, including mental and physical.
Arthur doesn’t suckle as normal babies and he is hard and fretful to soothe. He has problems from the eyes to the hip and bones in both his arms and legs. Although Lima enjoys huge support of friends, family and her husband, she still believes that the government is not doing much about the babies as well as the parents. She also says that she puts all the blame to the government for her plight, as she believes that authorities have neglected their efforts in eradication, something that has largely contributed to more spread of the Zika virus.
Zika virus did not arrive in Brazil long. It has been about a year according to since it was realized in Latin America, but the country has reported not less than 1 million cases. The virus has also spread to more countries. In fact, countries like the United States warned pregnant mothers against travelling to these countries, including Brazil. To control the situation and try put a stop at the virus; Brazil has now started to fund research to help establish a vaccine for the Zika virus. The country has also sent drones to the fields to track down any stagnant waters, as well as sending the army into various cities to offer manpower.
Dr. Sergio Cortes Discusses Zika Virus
According to National Public Radio, Zika virus was first discovered in the 40s in various African countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leon and Uganda. Over the years it spread throughout Asia to places like Thailand and India. He continues and says that the virus again resurfaced and continued to spread in 2015, reaching Latin American countries, which include Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. This lead to the World Health Organization to issue warnings on the disease’s dangers and the possible consequences and impacts it can generate.
Dr. Sergio also teaches people to know about the symptoms of Zika virus as opposed to those of Dengue. He says that, although both are characterized by symptoms such as red spots appearing on the skin, body aches and high fever, Zika virus is associated with microcephaly , a factor that is under research.

George Soros’ Charity Considered a Security Threat By Russia


A charity created by hedge fund billionaire George Soros has been deemed a “security threat” by Russian authorities. In a statement released by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia, it was confirmed that two branches of the charity network have been banned.

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) were both placed on what is known as a “stop list” by the Russian state.

According to CNBC, 53 books linked to the charity were burned by a college in northern Russia. The official letter from the regional education ministry also noted there was an additional 427 books seized for shredding.

In other words, anything that is in anyway related to Soros and his charities will at some point be destroyed. A letter released to the local media in Russia quoted a presidential envoy as saying Soros’ charities were “forming a perverted perception of history and making ideological directives, alien to Russian ideology, popular.”

A translated version of the press statement released by the General Prosecutor’s Office read as follows, “It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.”

The Open Society Foundations first caught the attention of Russian officials back in July 2015. During this time the Russian government was considering a ban on certain organizations they viewed as pro democracy.

They felt these organizations were causing some of their citizens to form what they coined as “soft aggression”.

This isn’t the first time Soros and his charities have come under fire. In October 2015 state politicians in Hungary, Soros’ homeland, accused the billionaire of supporting illegal immigration after he criticized the way the country treated refugees. He suggested all migrants receive $16,000 per year to help cover expenses such as healthcare, education and housing.

The Open Society Foundations was originally formed to help countries move away from communism. Now the charity focuses on building democracy all over the world.

The Role Played by Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is an investment company on located in New York focusing its operations on growth capital and buyout transactions in the vast North America and Europe. The firm began operating as an independent entity in August 2006, following a spinout from JPMorgan Chase. CCMP has about $16 billion in investment in growth equity and buyout transactions since commencing operations. The firm is one of the largest private equity companies across the world. The company utilizes its strength of deep industry expertise and abundant operating resources to target four major sectors; consumer, healthcare, chemical and industrial.

CCMP has an efficient team of pros who were formerly led by Steve Murray on linkedin who was the President and CEO of the firm. He was one of the co-founders of CCMP Capital and was announced the Chief Executive Officer in 2007. Steve Murray served on the board of a number of companies like The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment among others. Murray was supporting numerous foundations in New York and surrounding areas like Stamford Museum, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank and Boston College. Steve Murray received his degree in economics from Boston College in 1984, and in 1989 graduated from Columbia Business School with a master’s degree in business administration.

CCMP team of professionals from operating and investment departments closely collaborates with executive teams during each stage of investment process. At the time due diligence is conducted, CCMP Capital’s pros work hand in hand with management to develop a common vision for the future of the entity by defining the most significant investment strategy for the company. Once an agreement is arrived at on financial targets, strategic goals and incentives, CCMP Capital’s team of experts would monitor how the initiatives are being implemented by respective portfolio managers.

CCMP Capital follows this process to ensure a solid partnership and team work is developed with the investor. Diversity and integrity are very critical for the success of its investment. The firm has invested heavily on external and internal resources in order to support portfolio managers in implementing strategic plans at any time. The firm has full-time partners with operating history of C-level, and management advisors with average working experience of 30 years in this sector. The approach of CCMP Capital is to enhance operational efficiency and enable portfolio companies achieve their goals within a shorter period.

CCMP Capital has managed to establish itself as a powerful and reputable investment partner recognized across the globe. The firm provides solutions to public companies that wants to be privatized, facilitate corporate curve-outs and management buyouts. In addition, they offer estate diversification solutions to business entities as well as enhancing business growth. Indeed, CCMP Capital is the right investment vehicle that investors should approach for their investment strategies.

An Insight on Oscar Pistorius’ Trail

Oscar Pistorius rose to fame during the 2012 Paralympic Games, but a few months later he was in the news for the wrong reason. The athlete had shot and killed his lover in the early hours of 14th Feb 2013. Oscar was arrested the same day and presented in court the following day and charged with the murder of Steenkamp. After more than one and a half years of proceedings, Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered a verdict, where the athlete was acquitted the murder charge, but would be charged of homicide of Steenkamp, as well as reckless endangerment.


The judge gave a prison sentence of five years for homicide charge, and another suspended sentence of three years for endangerment. Pistorius is a leading athlete with disability in South African, while his girlfriend was a model. In his defense, Pistorius said he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder and shot several times through the toilet door where she had locked herself. The presiding judge and her two assessors arrived at unanimous verdict that the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubts that Oscar was guilty of murder, and that the accused was not intending to kill the person behind the door. She accused Pistorius of failing to imagine that the four shots he fired would lead to the death of the person who was behind the door.


The judge delivered her ruling her ruling on 21st Oct 2014, where the athlete was sentenced to five year jail term for culpable homicide. Some people reacted angrily to this verdict, among them June Steenkamp, the mother of the victim. Judge Masipa was protected by police because she was subjected to threats by those who disagreed with her verdict.


Info on Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is a renowned legal analyst in South Africa who covered extensively the trail of Oscar Pistorius. She is a respected legal analyst who had provided several legal analyses in her country and also abroad. She appeared regularly during the trail of Pistorius as a guest of the court, and she has covered this extensively in her new book.


Brenda qualified with three major law degrees including a Masters of Laws Degree. She has authored several articles most of them covering legal matters in South Africa and abroad. Wardle has also been interviewed by a number of media houses including Sky News Prime Time, SABC News Radio, BBC and many others all focusing on legal matters.


Duck And Cover? George Soros says 2008 Might Be Here Again

There is not a single investor alive today he does not remember the events of 2008-2009. This was a hugely turbulent time in the stock markets. It was a moment in history at which we were concerned that the entire economic system itself might collapse. Fortunately, this did not happen, but there is no question that no one wants to see those days again in the market. Unfortunately, there are some big names saying that this may be the direction that we may be headed towards once again.

Soros Worries That 2008 Is Coming Back

It is sure to grab some headlines when billionaire investor George Soros says that signs are pointed towards another 2008 like event, according to Bloomberg. He says that a lot of the worries in the market are things that are hard to overcome and get back to working the way that they usually do. What are the things he is particularly concerned about?

The Problem In China

CNBC reports that one of the primary concerns for Soros is what is going on in China. There are worries that the government in China is feeling the pressure to devalue its currency. This causes problems in US markets and in fact in markets all around the world.

The issues in China have certainly had an impact on their own stock markets. In the last few trading days we have seen the Chinese government pull out the circuit breakers to shut down the markets after they dropped some 7% or more in just the few minutes that they were actually open. This caused huge worries in the United States and have caused markets to get very jittery.

Greek Debt Problems Remain

They have been overshadowed in a lot of ways because of the other news in the market, but investors would be wise to not ignore what is going on in this country. There could still be ripples to the economy that are a result of the Greek debt crisis.

Why Listen To Soros

Of all of the voices out there talking about the economy, Soros is one worth listening to. He has actually made his money in the markets and continues to be a pioneer in those markets. It just makes sense that Soros is the kind of guy to listen to when it comes to getting the straight answers on the economy. He knows what he is talking about from experience, and he shares that information with the public.

It is a good idea to listen to strong voices in the market in order to get better ideas about what is really going on and to make sure that you are making the right moves. Consider the fact that he has made a huge amount of money by trading his whole life and you will see why it is such a good idea to pay attention to what he had to say.

The World Of Alexei Beltyukov is run by Alexei Beltyukov who was born in Russia, graduated from the INSEAD school of business according to LinkedIN, he holds a master in business administration. He also has other vested interest, which includes: A-Ventures(a company that invest in companies that are failing, with monetary assistant), Endemic Capital(this company invest in mobile applications,restaurants, and turbine power), Mechanicus(and New Gas Technologies. He also sits on the board of FORO Energy (involves in natural gas, geothermal,and mining industry).

Beltyukov began working at a medical career, but he did a complete about face and establish his own company. He is the Chief Operator of, which began operating it’s website on April 2015. The website is an on line homework mathematics helper, for children attending high school. It designed for teachers and students to communicate, by helping them to understand their work. It oversee what progress a student is making, and will help guide the instructor by providing the answer in different ways to get them there.

He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist as shown on his website, who also know the value of a good educational background. So that why at he has employed the best educators, who have helped the students achieve maximum success. He designed the website so that there are no multiple choice questions. It was done this way because he wanted the student to improve their typing skills, and also be more in tuned on what they are working on at the moment, while allowing them to work harder on their mistakes.

He has funded many Russian businesses, and has help individuals wanting to attend school by establishing an Alumni Scholarship fund. At the Skolkovo Foundation he is the Vice President, this company gives grants to Russian up and coming technology company and individuals trying to start a business by providing financial guidance.

His goal is for educators to understand and help students make progress in mathematics education. The difference between SOLVY and other online courses, is that SOLVY gets involve with the student by giving clues and also commenting. This helps the teachers to keep abreast of the students progress, and those who requires extra attention, will get it. It also allows the teacher to know if the student is understanding what is being taught in class.  Follow where Alexei is going next on Twitter.

Michigan DeVos Family Donates Millions to the Arts and Education

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation recently donated one million dollars to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. According to a recent press release by the Kennedy Center this donation caps a $135.9 million dollar total that will go towards a new riverfront pavilion, and expansion and improvements to the center itself. DeVos is an entrepreneur businessman and former CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distribution company and through his foundation has participated directly in donating many thousands of dollars to the arts, education, and other worthwhile charities since 1990. Their foundation has been very committed to the arts, previously donating $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management in 2010, which was then renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts. In further support of the arts, their foundation has supported ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI, since 2009.

Although Dick DeVos was born into the Amway family business, as his father Richard DeVos was a co-founder, his steady rise in the company was hardly nepotism. Under his steady leadership the company opened numerous new markets and tripled international sales from 5% of sales to over 50%.Check out Dick’s full resume on his LinkedIn profile or to read more about his history, click here.

DeVos retired as president of Alticor in 2002 and then resurfaced in a major political way in 2006 as he ran for Governor of Michigan as a Republican against then incumbent Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm. It was an election campaign that almost exclusively focused on jobs and the economy as Michigan was suffering through one of the highest unemployment rates of any state in the country. Even though he lead in the polls at one point 48-40 against Granholm, it proved to be too difficult a task to beat the incumbent governor, and he lost by a 14 point margin.

More recently in 2012 DeVos was very involved in Michigan’s becoming a right to work state. He started off with a series of debates with Teamster President James Hoffa and these debates focused on Michigan’s Proposition 2, to become a right to work state. Working in tandem with Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican controlled legislature DeVos worked behind the scenes with lawmakers and publicly by creating the Michigan Freedom Fund to help finance the campaign for Proposition 2’s passage. The proposal passed in 2013 and was considered a major political success for Dick as he was a key figure in getting it passed into law. Check out the interview with him explaining his position on this matter in the video below.

Celebrities Fuel New York’s Real Estate Boom

While stockbrokers issue warnings about the possibility of a new recession for 2016, at least for now the real estate scene in New York City is booming thanks to the deep pockets of some of the most famous people in the world, according to the New York Times.

The late Joan Rivers recently saw her 11-room triplex on east 62nd street being purchased for a whopping $28 million. Paul McCartney and his wife bought a place on Fifth Avenue for over $15 million. Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi sold his Broadway penthouse for an astonishing $34 million.

Moguls and billionaires have been scooping up property in the city for the cost of a small fortune. The big sales this year ended up shattering every monetary record in the history of New York real estate. Some called it the year of the big sale.

Hedge Fund kingpin Kenneth C. Griffin bought a triplex in Central Park for approximately $200 million. That is the largest sale of a single residence not just in New York, but in all of America. The previous most expensive residence was at Central Park West, a full-floor penthouse owned by a Russian billionaire costing a total of $88 million.

This anonymous individual paid an astounding $100 million for the place, which includes a grand salon and a reception gallery.

Big sales like this will continue for at least a few more years, because there are deals already signed that will be closing in the next 36 months at developments near completion, like Greenwich Lane in Greenwich Village.

No discussion of real estate would be complete without mentioning Donald J. Trump. The man who is going to make America great again sold two penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for a total of over $21 million to the found of the Fresh Market supermarket chain.

TOWN owns nine offices spread all throughout the city and at the heart each is a comfortable meeting place to network and collaborate.

TOWN Residential was recently voted as a Best Firm to Work For and was listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.