How Is Morrison of Hall Capital Helping Women Climb The Corporate Ladder?

Helane Morrison currently serves as the General Counsel and Managing Director of Hall Capital in San Francisco. Hall Capital is a major hedge fund operated out of central California, and the company has dedicated itself entirely to diversity and a culture of transparency. This article explains how Morrison has taken the diversity push at Hall Capital as a personal motivation to help women become strong leaders in corporate America.

#1: What Has Hall Capital Done To Help?

Hall Capital considers diversity when making hires throughout its company, and Helane has seen more women and minorities come to work for the company over the years. Helane wants women and people of color to reach to the highest offices of her company, but she knows that other companies must take similar initiatives if women are to become players in the corporate game. She mentors women who are hoping for their big break in the corporate world.

#2: Helane Is A Beacon Of Diversity

Helane serves as general counsel for a massive hedge fund, and she is a beacon for diversity within the Hall Capital offices. Helane is an example to women who want to get ahead in the corporate world, and her company’s diversity plan is an example other companies may use when changing their own culture.

#3: Will Other Companies Take Notice?

Other companies around America have been slow to make changes to their own cultures, but Helane speaks regularly to business associations about diversity in the workplace. Diversity impacts people of color, women, homosexuals and transgender workers, but Helane is especially vocal about women in the workplace. The gender gap for women is a real concern in corporate America, and Helane wants women to have the same opportunities she had when she started with Hall Capital.

#4: Is Hall Capital The Model?

Hall Capital is a model hedge fund that other companies must look to for diversity implementation. Morrison rose to the top of the company because of a commitment to diversity at Hall Capital, and women around America could become general counsel, executive vice president and more when a commitment to diversity becomes the norm. 

Women who want to be like Helane may become her mentee, and Helane will do everything in her power to make a difference.

A New Market For Pooches

People are no longer the only foodies on this planet as dog food business trends towards a demand for higher-quality nutrition. The markets have seen more premium dog food companies coming onto the scene who offer unique and nutritious alternatives for mealtimes and the bigger traditional brands are taking notice. At the Freshpet factory in Pennsylvania, Richard Thompson, CEO of the company, can be seen routinely walking the manufacturing floor checking his product for quality. Thompson is in the business of selling food for dogs. What makes Freshpet unique is that they are offering meals for dogs that require refrigeration. The company thrives on its high standards and refuses to use fillers and preservatives. Because of the lack of shelf stabilizers, the food must be kept under cold conditions and does not last as long as kibble and traditional wet foods. Freshpet wants to ensure their customers get to eat meals that are packed full of flavor and nutrition. While Freshpet is a small company they represent a larger demand for quality foods, beneful is one company are seen as more traditional but have also answered the request for a better diet for pooches. Beneful has been working since 2001 and now is ranked the number 4 most popular dog food brand. Beneful offers dogs a variety of choices for high-quality chow. Both in wet and dry, all the foods that leave Beneful’s production line are backed by lots of credible research on Facebook and checked for quality. Other companies like Merrick have achieved an official organic certification. Purina has since bought Merrick Pet Care. Purina who also owns Beneful, is looking to make it big on the premium pet food scene so look out for some added great lines from those brands.

Coriant hires Shaygan Kheradpir as new CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is joining Coriant as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Coriant is an optical transport company that provides all kinds of innovative supplies and networking solutions for companies all over the word, and it has hundreds of countries it serves.

Coriant’s competition in the field comes from other companies in the business such as Alcatel-Lucent, as well as Ciena and Cisco, along with Huawei, and Infinera, to name a few, and Kheradpir will be helping to guide Coriant into outdoing all of this competition as he takes the reins of the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir brings decades of management experience

Kheradpir is relieving the former CEO, Pat DiPietro, who know will be the vice chairman of the company, as well as returning to a role as one of the operating partners at Marlin Equity Partners. It’s not Kheradpir’s first time as a CEO, the man was also a CEO at Juniper Networks in 2014 for almost a year.

Kheradpir has decades of experience in the technology field and also has over 28 years of experience as a manager.  As such, he has been employed at big and successful companies like GTE, Verizon Communications, and Barclay Bank.

Kheradpir has plenty of schooling to do the job

Besides practical experience, Kheradpir also has earned not only a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University, he has also earned a Ph.D in engineering from there as well. Plus, he has been part of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and at one time served on Cornell University Engineering Council’s board. This shows he can also handle negotiations within organized groups and help facilitate successful talks and other needs regarding his company.

All in all, the big news is that Kheradpir is sliding into the slot as Coriant’s new CEO and is taking over from Pat DiPietro, and so is the new leader of the optical transport company.

Slyce is Making Progress in the Tech and Retail World

Slyce has emerged as a tech startup that is rapidly changing the way numerous retail businesses operate. Actually, Slyce is doing a lot to change the way consumers make purchases online. A recent article published on MarketWired reveals some additional innovations emerging from Slyce’s offices.

Any company thinking of entering into a business arrangement with Slyce is going to be very excited over the news that a Fortune 500 toy retailer had signed a contract with Slyce for services. Within a year, revenue projections were double than what was anticipated. Surely, this bit of news is going to help Slyce draw in even more partners and affiliates.

And that was before the announcement of Slyce Link.

Slyce Link employs a spin to the traditional product recognition and visual  search software the company has previously delivered. Online retailers want to make sales. They have to make sales. Customers want to buy products. Frequently, the customers do not have to make a buy. When they do not see the item they are looking for or the merchandise is out of stock, the customers go elsewhere.

Slyce Link provides a visual display of similar items intended to keep the customer from leaving without making a purchase. No, 100% of the customers are not going to be converted. That just is not possible.

Slyce’s original visual search app was designed to help customers use a photograph and a smartphone app to do retail searches for matching or similar products. Slyce’s success led it to purchasing other companies and expanding into different programs and apps. Unique coupon and discount apps are among the new arrivals. Acquisitions of other companies and apps have been performed as well.

Slyce really is on the move as the MarketWired article reveals. Look for Slyce ot be a major player in the tech and retail industry in the near future.